Traditional Vs Headless Commerce


"Websites-as-a-service (WSaaS) is an innovative model. WebriQ executes it with aplomb. Responsive and fast service; modern sense of design; robust and fast infrastructure; skilled multi-discipline coding. WebriQ understands the need for iteration to facilitate e-commerce activities. Very happy with our website situation."

Chris CoxSwampfox Optics

Truly omnichannel

A headless content management system will help propel your content anywhere and everywhere. For an eCommerce brand, that means delivering your products, product videos or blog posts to any channel that has emerged — or will emerge.


Rapid deployments

Marketing tools such as email marketing, Google and Facebook advertising to grow your business faster.


Agile marketing

A headless eCommerce system can support new technology as and when they arise. This is perfect for when designing new customer experiences. This puts marketing teams back into the driving seat where they can roll out multiple sites across different brands, divisions and portfolios.


Consistent and personal customer experience

Even though customer needs change over time, they should still receive a consistent customer experience across all devices and channels.


Seamless integrations

By definition, a headless commerce solution must have an API, which makes it easier to integrate and communicate with other platforms, including larger, key infrastructure points such as ERPs, PIMs, OMS and POS.


Faster time to market

A headless commerce platform enables brands to focus on building front-end experiences on different devices and touchpoints, as the content and products are housed centrally and delivered via API to anywhere. This facilitates faster time to market when adopting new channels, or new regions.

Front-end Development
  1. Design constraints
  2. Time to edit the database, code, and platform is massive
  1. No design constraint. Just make a simple API call
  2. Need to build front-end presentation from scratch
Customization and PersonalizationPre-defined experience for both users and adminsCreate your own experience for both users and admins
Flexibility and AdapbilityFront-end is tightly coupled with back-end, which means there's little room for customization
  1. Endless customization
  2. Changes can be made in the front-end

Headless eCommerce Building Blocks

delivering content to digital devices and products

sell across a website, social media and marketplaces

powerful enterprise grade headless eCommerce platform

web projects at global scale—without servers, devops, or costly infrastructure