We are a diverse group of people pulling in talent and cultures from across the globe to bring our groundbreaking product to market. WebriQ Studio is the culmination of years of expertise in building and deploying serverless experiences using modern architectures and methods. Our studio is sure to make an impact in the future of digital publishing. We are excited and honored to be a part of the growing Jamstack ecosystem.

3+ mlnannual page views
500+published personalized experiences
12k+hours of teamwork saved

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver relevant content to your customers right when they need it.


Our Vision

The vision of the company is that

  • More and more content and data will be available on more and more high res devices at an ever-increasing speed.
  • Most customers will require personalized content for their digital device(s) of choice.
  • Sharing content and data should be simple, secure and privacy-preserving.